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With operational tools to help safeguard workers, residents and the public during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Govern, manage and operate with success  

Supportive Living

Helping to protect workers and residents within congregate living environments.

Local Government

Providing a blueprint for core service excellence amidst COVID-19 and beyond.

Fire Departments

Setting Volunteer Fire Departments up for success with the Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™.

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Setting organizations up for success for over 25 years.

We help you with organizational and staff development initiatives through products and services designed specific to your sector.

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organizational and staff development

Tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients

Accountability At Work™ - Defining the day-to-day work and accountability associated with operationalizing legislative and organizational requirements, is our firm’s key area of expertise.

  • "So, tell us what you do on a daily or ongoing basis?" and we will translate that into a targeted Accountability Framework™
  • Clearly defining work provides tremendous role clarity, significantly boosts staff morale and lowers stress in the workplace - which is one of our ultimate goals  
  • Defining work is no easy task (pun intended) - so over the years we've developed industry-specific Accountability Frameworks™ for local governments, seniors' living, victim services, and others
  • Accountability Frameworks™ serve as the foundational tool within our Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ series.

Determining what's important and ensuring appropriate resources. We believe the answers lie within...

  • Utilize INTERACTIONS HR Solutions Inc.'s industry-specific Accountability Frameworks™ as a foundation to systematically establish and actively manage required changes to levels of service.
  • Implement meaningful ongoing internal core service reviews by making service excellence central to your daily operations.
  • Achieve operational efficiencies and verify staffing complements.
  • Accountability Frameworks™, coupled with our Roadmap for Achieving Core Service Delivery Excellence™, equip leaders and managers with valuable tools to monitor service delivery and to support important ongoing decisions regarding levels of service, especially when time is of the essence.

Introducing the Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ series.

  • Comprehensive industry-specific operations manuals.
  • Captures the valuable day-to-day work to be performed in relation to the delivery of core services.
  • Provides a blueprint for operational success and embeds accountability throughout the organization.
  • Organizational, departmental and positional Accountability Frameworks™ outline primary job functions and performance measures for each core service.

Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ - Occupational Health and Safety Edition

A complete health and safety management system designed to set your internal OH&S Coordinator's, supervisors and workers up for success.

  • Subscribe to our safety management software (Coming soon)
  • Operationalizes health and safety practices and provides:
    A Roadmap for Achieving Health and Safety Excellence™
  • Integrates OH&S legal requirements and safety audit standards
  • Systematizes and houses OH&S documentation and records.

Sometimes it can be lonely at the top.....

  • Executive coaching services for senior managers and department heads.
  • Work with a coach to set personal and professional goals.
  • Enhance your managerial skills and fully embrace your role as a leader and manager.
  • Examine specific workplace challenges and work with your coach to explore effective strategies to help you and your organization move forward.

Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™

“Roxane’s passion, expertise, commitment and diligence is beyond comparison. She is very acute to detail and thoroughly mines interviews and resources to bring out the best solution for an organization.”

The COVID-19 Safe Work Practices and Procedures Handbook helped our organization safely navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Our local WorkSafe BC Prevention Officer was so impressed to see how prepared we were!


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