Local Government Excellence™

Set your Council, CAO, management and staff up for success with the Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ - Local Government Edition preloaded on your OEHQ™.

Local Government Excellence
Organizational Enhancement toolkit™ series

Wondering what Local Government Excellence™ looks like during this period of time? 

We are here to support you with practical, highly effective ready-to-implement tools as you navigate each stage of the COVID-19 Pandemic, including the systematic evaluation and modification of core services. Tools include:

  • Our special Pandemic Management Edition of our Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ series.
  • A COVID-19 Safe Work Protocols - Personnel Handbook and Worker Code of Practice.
  • Safety Management Software preloaded with the Pandemic Management Edition.  
  • Virtual Executive Coaching Services to support CAOs, managers and OH&S Coordinators.
Safe together at work!™

Pandemic Management Tools
- for Local Government

COVID-19 Safe Work Protocols
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Executive Coaching
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Trying to determine how best to deliver core municipal services as a result of the Pandemic?

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Targeted solutions to help local governments continue to achieve Local Government Excellence™ throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, relaunch phases, and beyond.

The Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ - Local Government Series

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Villages, Towns, Cities, Counties, Regional Districts, and First Nations

Why the Toolkit?

The Toolkit captures the day-to-day municipal know-how and is based on sound organizational and staff development principles.

The Toolkit is a ready-to-implement practical tool that when fully utilized, becomes an integral part of daily operations. This is much more than a resource. It is an operational system that once customized, can guide the efforts of everyone within your organization. Each Toolkit is designed to support your daily operations in a multitude of value-added ways.

The Toolkit is a blueprint for operational excellence, capturing the valuable day-to-day work required by municipal personnel.

Defining work and operationalizing legislative and organizational requirements is our area of expertise. The Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ - Local Government Edition was developed in partnership with numerous municipalities over an intensive twelve-year research and development period. The Toolkit reflects an immense knowledge transfer from Councils, CAOs, management,and front-line staff working with INTERACTIONS HR Solutions Inc. to establish an industry standard to support local governments as they strive for excellence.

Achieve role clarity across the organization

IMAGINE… The comfort of knowing that everything your local government organization is accountable for is well defined and at everyone’s fingertips….

IMAGINE… Definitively knowing the day-to-day work required, along with the necessary staffing complements, to successfully deliver each core service area as per established levels of service.

IMAGINE… The operational efficiencies gained when roles and accountability are clearly identified across the organization, and everyone knows how their work contributes to organizational success.

IMAGINE… The confidence instilled with your Council, the public and municipal staff when there is a clear path for making critical decisions pertaining to core services - especially during uncertain times...

Contact us to learn how you can utilize the Toolkit to support your next core service review!

Pandemic Response Tools

In addition to our Local Government Edition of our Toolkit series, our Pandemic Management Edition coupled with our newly released safety management software - provide a total solution for supporting Local Government Excellence™.

Practical tools to support leadership, management, OH&S Coordinators, and workers as you navigate each phase of the Pandemic.

Foster a safety culture to protect workers and the public

COVID-19 Safe Work Protocols - Personnel Handbook
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The COVID-19 Safe Work Protocols - Personnel Handbook can be obtained as a stand-alone solution or accessed within our safety management software. Customize the content specific to your local government work environments. This package also includes the COVID-19 Worker Code of Practice. Customization services are available to help further tailor this tool to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Administer your health and safety program in real-time

Subscribe to our Safety Management Software
Coming Soon...

Be first. Join our waitlist to subscribe. Manage your pandemic and routine health and safety programs from the platform. Users can access safety documentation, track training, report hazards and incidents, conduct inspections, and much more from any device with a browser. Your subscription includes the COVID-19 Safe Work Protocols - Personnel Handbook and other tools from our Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ - Occupational Health and Safety Edition preloaded into the system.

Purchased separately or together - these products provide a comprehensive package for managing your ongoing health and safety programs.

Tailored Solutions

We look forward to providing you a tailored solution to meet the unique needs of your local government organization. To learn more about our Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ series, contact us.

Get the Toolkit - Learn more about our Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ series

We look forward to providing you a tailored solution to meet the unique needs of your local government organization.

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