An integrated approach to worker and public health and safety

Protecting both our vulnerable residents and workers living and working within congregate living settings during the COVID-19 Pandemic


A ready-to-implement pandemic-centric health and safety management system.

This special edition of the Toolkit for supportive living facilities acknowledges:

  • That these unprecedented times require something more than the typical standard OH&S management systems intended to guide ‘routine practices’ when your organization is fully operational (i.e. Pre-pandemic Operations).
  • That a fully integrated team approach to health and safety that encompasses and bridges both worker and resident safety is essential to preventing/reducing the transmission or spread of COVID-19.
  • That operators need more than a compilation of the readily available educational/instructional Public Health resources. Rather, operators need a system inclusive of well-developed, timely and targeted tools that operationalize Public Health Orders/Directives.
  • That not all senior’s living, or other types of congregate living facilities, directly employee health care workers as part of their routine operations (e.g. Health/Personal Care Aides, LPNs, RNs, etc.) and therefore require additional supports to build personnel competency to appropriately implement Public Health Orders/Directives, especially in the event of an outbreak.

Practical Tools for Managers, Supervisors and OH&S Coordinators

The Organizational Enhancement Toolkit - Pandemic Management Edition includes an integrated health and safety management system to help managers, supervisors and OH&S Coordinators to:

  • Truly embed accountability for occupational health and safety practices into the daily planning and delivery of core services.
  • Systematically operationalize federal and provincial Public Health Orders/Directives to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Actively manage your facility’s Pandemic OH&S Health and Safety Program.
  • Actively manage your facility’s Resident Health and Safety Program.
  • Adapt daily levels of service as per evolving Public Health Orders, staff capacity, the needs of your residents, and your facility’s outbreak status (i.e. preventive status; or suspected, probable or confirmed outbreak).
  • Coordinate the development of Resident/Service Care Plans for isolating residents.
  • Develop Worker Safety Plans
  • Clearly and succinctly communicate daily operational requirements and expectations to personnel (workers).
  • Foster open and appropriate ongoing dialogue with residents and their families (designates) regarding facility and resident health and safety roles and responsibilities.

INTERACTIONS HR Solutions Inc.'s Integrated Pandemic & Core Service Operations Management Model™ serves as a foundational tool within the Toolkit. The Model integrates required Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Protocols and measures in relation to operational decisions regarding levels of service for each stage of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our COVID -19 Pandemic - Occupational Health and Safety Management System is based on implementing IPC protocols and measures applicable to Core Services provided during the Pandemic. The system addresses the need for all personnel to engage in IPC protocols and measures, including their participation in carrying out enhanced cleaning and disinfectant practices while attending the workplace when Public Health Orders are in effect.  

The health and safety management system includes a practical, yet highly effective, hazard identification and control system specific to prescribed IPC Protocols and measures. The processes and tools embedded within the system provide a step-by-step method for supervisors and workers to assess work spaces and positional requirements, as per established/modified levels of service. The materials can readily be customized to meet the needs of your workplace.

Implement a COVID-19 Worker Code of Practice and Safe Work Protocols

  • COVID-19 Worker Code of Practice
  • Safe Together At Work!™ - Safe Work Protocols (Personnel Handbook)

The COVID-19 Safe Work Protocols - Personnel Handbook encapsulates and operationalizes Public Health Orders within a common set of safe work protocols specific to supportive living facilities. The Handbook can be further customized to meet the unique circumstances of your jurisdiction and organization.

Fully customizable tools for each phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Pandemic Management Edition of the Toolkit includes well-thought-out tools designed to systematically support each phase of the Pandemic – regardless of whether you experience an outbreak related to COVID-19 or other known influenza/communicable diseases (e.g. GI Illnesses or ILIs). Each tool can be readily customized to meet the circumstances of your facility and each stage of the Pandemic. Tools relate to:

  • Pandemic Safe Work Procedures - for all Workers
  • Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Policy Directives (for workers and residents)
  • Core Service IPC Formal Hazard Assessments (process and tools specific to hospitality services, personal care services, social and leisure services, maintenance services, administration, etc.)
  • IPC Hazard Control Measures
  • Point-of-Care Hazard Analysis and Control
  • Point-of Service Hazard Analysis and Control
  • PPE and PRE - Procurement and Code of Practice
  • Worker IPC Training and Competency
  • Resident IPC Training and Competency
  • Psychological Health and Safety Supports
  • And much more....

Become a member and also receive access to a comprehensive set of Safe Work Procedures specific to routine practices for Hospitality Services, Personal Care Services, Social and Leisure Services, Maintenance Services, and Administration.

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