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Ensure the health & safety of your workers and residents during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Rapid Response to Pandemic Management

for Supportive Living

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COVID-19 Safe Work Protocols & Policy Directives

Safeguarding our residents and workers through diligent health screening, strict adherence to public health protocols, and self-reporting

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Redefining Our
Core Services

Adjusting our routine service levels in accordance with evolving Public Health Orders and the needs of our residents and workers

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Our Resources

Ensuring we maintain appropriate staffing complements and secure required supplies to sustain our operations

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Integrating IPC and OHS Outbreak Management

Implementing a fully integrated health and safety management system that bridges resident care and worker safety    

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Identifying &
Assessing Hazards

Conducting OH&S FormalHazard Assessments and Point-of Care/Service IPC Hazard and Control Analysis

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Controlling Exposure
to Hazards

Reducing risk through physical distancing, proper hand hygiene, PPE, and enhanced cleaning and disinfectant practices

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Daily Deployment
of our Workers

Adjusting core services and routine daily jobs/task/activities to align with the level of IPC Protocols to be followed

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Doing Our
Work Safely  

Ensuring our workers are well-trained in Safe Work Practices and IPC Protocols, and are provided ongoing instructional guidance

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Resident and Worker

Monitoring the well-being of our residents and workers; and ensuring the availability of psychosocial, mental health and wellness supports

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