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Supportive Living Products and Services

COVID-19 Safe Work Protocols - Personnel Handbook

Available for immediate download and customization. Personal protective measures and Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) practices specific to working within a congregate living facility.

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This product is licensed for use within a single supportive living facility. A separate license must be purchased for each additional site/facility, if applicable. Contact us if you require assistance.

Organizational Enhancement HQ – Members Portal

Become a Member. Access, download and customize the Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ - Pandemic Management Edition from the Pandemic Response Room and receive ongoing supports throughout the Pandemic, relaunch and beyond.

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Safety Management Software
(Coming Soon)

Cloud-Based Subscription. Manage your organization’s entire health and safety program from any device with a browser. The Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ - Pandemic Management Edition and OH&S Edition are preloaded to provide a total health and safety management solution.

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Local Government and Volunteer Fire Department Products and Services

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Thank you for serving your communities during these unprecedented and challenging times. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Be well and stay safe!